URBAN EYES is a critical design concept combining RFID technology, aerial photography and pigeons to create an explorative experience for urban spaces. This Blog is a documentation of the project's development and related issues and articles list.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The germans are coming...

------------------------------------------------------------------ Nach all der Nachforschungsarbeit... Sorry, after all the research into getting the RFID tags attached to the pigeon's feet, I find these pigeon rings especially produced to do exactly that, attach glass tags to pigeons feet. Who is doing that? Cunning and innovative, the germans of course.
German based company MOTZ has been in the pigeon business for 20 years and been using computers to time arriving homing pigeons since 1994. Strongly pushing this modern technology against reluctant opposition from old-school Verbandsleitern, this systems has a huge benefit, as director Helmut Motz makes clear: ".... you don't have to catch the bird once it arrives at the birdhouse anymore. With the old Clock system you have to catch the bird to get the ring off into the timer-machine. Some Club members can't do that anymore due to their age or illness. With the RFID system that part of the process is cut out and allows our pigeon breeders to enjoy their unique sport for many more years." - now I like that, and did you know that pigeons regulate their body temperature over their feet?


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