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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mobiles are first with news images of terror attacks

Since reading Steven Johnson's book "Emergence", which very much underlined the findings of Rob van Kranenburg and my research on the phenomenon of extelligence and resonance design, I am more and more intrigued by the power of simple connection and gathering tools for seemingly uncontrolled and always 100% subversive lay crowds.
Obviously, the phone on yoru camera is one of them.

The Herald also reported a scottish firm started up to manage "free-agent" reporters, I call them human recorders, meaning that equipped with only a mobile phone camera, you could make a buck out of that one lucky shot you got when you popped over to that joint where VIPs hang around oh so often to misbehave.

On the brighter side of the technological revolution is not only the benefit of faster information channeling as in the case of the London bombing, what is much more important is the way it affects our responsibility towards our surroundings.
We don't only watch anymore. With the right, simple tools, we can react, even if it's only to send the photo we took to tell someone how severe the situation is.
What it means in the end is that there is a network of individual recorders, sensors, tool, hands and eyes that can react in a flock-like behaviour. Seeing this, it's no surprise, that the response time is so much superior to top-down hierarchy and filter systems in modern news organisations.
A flock of birds can change direction with hardly any delay of a single bird belonging to the flock. This is not because every bird knows what the rest is doing, it's because he/she doesn't.
If that means that mankind is in such a dilemma with it's own habitat because it inherits a high level of consciuosness is still to be proven.

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