URBAN EYES is a critical design concept combining RFID technology, aerial photography and pigeons to create an explorative experience for urban spaces. This Blog is a documentation of the project's development and related issues and articles list.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

The Beginning

URBAN EYES was first perceived by Jussi Angesleva and Marcus Kirsch as a concept in 2001 at the Royal College of Art as part of the MA Interaction Design/Computer Related Design course's projects. The brief was about new concepts for mobility with wearable technology in mind. Questioning the term wearables, we decided to use edible technology in combination with urban space networks, in this case London's vast CCTV camera network and it's natural pigeon population as agents.

see the original project at : http://www.unvoid.net/-singles/urbaneyes/index_u.html


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