URBAN EYES is a critical design concept combining RFID technology, aerial photography and pigeons to create an explorative experience for urban spaces. This Blog is a documentation of the project's development and related issues and articles list.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Birds NY

Natalie Jeremijenko, who was also co-judging the fusedspace competition,
where URBAN EYES drew first attention just informed me of another bird
project as part of her OOZ series, this time in New York together with TerraSwarm and others.
Due to launch on the 7th september, I can't attend, but just recommend.

September 7 - October 7, 2006
OOZ, Inc. (Ĺ for the birds)
Infrastructure and facilities for high-density bird cohabitation on the
roof of Postmasters Gallery
459 west 19th street between 9 and 10 Avenues

with public housing projects by:
Aranda/Lasch + TerraSwarm
Leeser Architects
Materialab with Gensler+Gutierrez
OpenSource Architecture
SYSTEMarchitects llc

OOZ is ZOO backwards.
Expanding on her project at the 2006 Whitney Biennial Natalie
Jeremijenko has created a unique garden on the roof of Postmasters
Gallery - an environmental experiment in interaction with New York City
bird population. The complex 1,000 square-foot garden includes
architect-designed bird housing projects (multi-family dwellings), water
systems, as well as other amenities to improve the quality of life for
urban birds.
The installation creates conditions to observe birds' adaptation to
human-engineered technologies, testing formal and ecological theorems
for high-density lifestyles, sustainable resource sharing among urban
organisms, and the play of public/private division in cross-species


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