URBAN EYES is a critical design concept combining RFID technology, aerial photography and pigeons to create an explorative experience for urban spaces. This Blog is a documentation of the project's development and related issues and articles list.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Baja Beach Club

Last weekend I visited the Baja Beach Club here in Rotterdam, one if not the only club in the netherlands that is using RFID tags for their customers. In combination with a VIP club membership, visitors can have a glass chip implanted to function as a creditcard to pay with at the entrance and the specially equipped VIP bar area.
We met one of the first VIPs to ever get a chip (photo). Check out the first implanting session held live in the Baja Beach Club last year.
According to Manager Jo van Galen, 70 people are already wearing a chip, they have a waiting list, and then there is also their branch in Barcelona.


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